The harvest:
the beginning of a journey of excellence

The production of our wines begins with the grape harvest. Typically the harvest in these places starts from the first week of September and ends in mid-October.

We believe in respect for our land and high quality production: this is why we have chosen to harvest strictly by hand, harvested according to the variety and degree of ripeness.

The manual harvesting of the grapes is a delicate operation, which takes place using specific pruning shears. This allows us to select ripe bunches and respect the crops.

The harvest is the most intense and beautiful moment for the Casale: it is in these weeks that the family tradition is renewed and the fruits of a whole year of work are gathered. The harvest is the beginning of a full year of work. The harvest is the beginning of a journey of excellence, which smells of must, passion and family love.
After harvesting the grapes, they are processed in our Cellars and turn into the best wine.