A last generation winery
where wine comes to life

Our cellar has been recently renovated and equipped with the latest machinery. It is in this place that we work the grapes of our land, in full respect of the environment and the raw material.

It all starts with the harvest of grapes and the period of harvest. Once harvested, the grapes are softly pressed with pneumatic presses. The soft pressing does not tear the skin of the grapes, preserving the aromas and the scent of the must.

The cellar environment is divided into several floors: on the upper floor there are the winemakers for the production of red wines. On the ground floor there are additional tanks for the fermentation of white wines.

The most fascinating part of the cellar is the barrel room, obtained in the ancient eighteenth-century spaces of this environment. Here are the French oak barrels that we use to refine two wines: the "Marquis de' Cavalieri" and the "Cortesia".