A very ancient story,
a timeless passion

From the 14th century to the present, the story of Casale Marchese

The history of Casale Marchese has ancient roots. Our journey begins in 1301, when the Casale was mentioned in a Bull of Boniface VIII as part of the fiefdom of the Annibaldi family.

Now close your eyes and imagine the cultural and artistic rebirth of Italy. Let's jump for about 250 years. We are in the full renaissance era, a period in which the Casale became the residence of a famous person, son of an intimate friend of Caravaggio: we are talking about the Marquis Emilio de’ Cavalieri (1550-1602), italian composer and organist.

It is precisely to the Marquis de' Cavalieri that the name still comes today on the maps "Casale del Marchese".

In the centuries to come, no trace of the estate was ever mentioned, mentioned in various official documents such as the Pontifical Cadastre of 1860. The Casale's artistic vocation, which began with the Marquis de' Cavalieri, continued over time. The estate has inspired artists, poets and writers like Clara Wells, who brings it back in 1878 in one of his books.

Family tradition for over two hundred years

Our history is now closer to today's times. The Carletti family has owned the Casale Marchese Agricultural Company for about two centuries. Ours is a family tradition that has been renewed every day for two hundred years.
Alessandro and Ferdinando are the seventh generation; the greatest, Alessandro, is the administrator, while the youngest, Ferdinando, is the agronomist of the company.
The family had two illustrious cardinals: Ludovico Micara (1775-1847) and Clemente Micara (1879-1965), to whom the wine "Clemens" is dedicated.
The current appearance of the Casale dates back to 18th century. A part of the building is the home of the Carletti family, while the other wing is destined for wine production. A part of the farmhouse has been recently restored and given new life: it is in this space that we have built a modern and technologically advanced cellar.
In our farmhouse the old and new come together, creating a unique balance of tradition, culture and family love. You can immerse yourself in this atmosphere in the ancient cellar, which dates back to the end of the 18th century, where we host our tasting room.
Here we tell the story you are reading to our guests, coming from all over the world, while we dedicate ourselves to tastings and events about our wines and oils.
Our production has been going on with love for two centuries and every year brings elements of renewal. All the vinification, bottling and packaging processes are done here, in our farmhouse. We also produce an extravirgin olive oil with olives from our estate