cantine casale02The winery was modernized a few years ago and installed with state-of-the-art equipment. Once picked, the grapes are unloaded onto a conveyor and passed through a peristaltic pump, which does not pressurize the must. Pressing is performed at constant controlled temperature in modern soft presses that do not tear the skins, thus preserving the fragrance and flavour of the must.

cantine casale01AISI 316 steel vats for production of red wines are located on the upper floor of the winery. They are fitted with recirculation pumps that press the must down and stir it slowly during fermentation. On the ground floor there are additional tanks for fermentation and storage of white wines, also in AISI 316 steel, and with 24/7 temperature control. The wine cellar is home to the winery’s barriques, the oak casks used only for ageing Marchese de’ Cavalieri and Cortesia wines.