NovumGrapes: merlot, cabernet sauvignon

Vineyards: Casale Marchese winery estate; spur-trained vines on soils of volcanic origin. Vine density per hectare: 4,000. Average grape yield per plant is 1.5kg.

Production method: hand-picked in cases. The first grapes harvested are subjected to carbonic maceration of entire clusters for 10-12 days; the rest of the harvest is pressed, destemmed and macerated for several days. Subsequent operations are gentle pressing and temperature-controlled fermentation. One month’s maturing and ageing in steel then follow.

Nose profile: Casale Marchese Novum has a fruit-forward nose with floral and forest berry notes including violets, currants and wild strawberries.

Palate profile: a nuance of wild berries lingers in the harmony of this tasting, where flavour and piquancy confer warm sensations in a robust structure.

Food pairing: delicate soups, pâté, shellfish au gratin 

Technical notes
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