frascati docGrapes: Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano toscano, Bonvino, Bellone

Vineyards: Casale Marchese winery estate; spur- trained vines on soils of volcanic origin. Vine density per hectare: 4,000. Average grape yield per plant is 2kg.

Production method: hand-picked in 15kg cases. Gentle grape pressing and selection of different must fractions. Static clarification and separation of dregs. Addition of selected yeasts. Temperature- controlled alcoholic fermentation (about one week). Cold tartaric stabilization in December. Bottled in several batches from January to June. Ready for sale one month from first bottling.

Nose profile: hints of tropical fruit are immediate, nuanced with light, herby floral notes.

Palate profile: a zesty wine, that is robust, with a soft, elegant, mouthfilling finish. Frascati should always be consumed before the next harvest starts. Casale Marchese Frascati is very drinkable even as early as February-March, but it comes into its own as summer approaches, enhanced by a brief stay in the bottle.

Food pairing: excellent aperitif, with fish recipes, meat and fish carpaccios, pizza, fresh goat cheese 

Technical notes
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