olio extravergineCasale Marchese has almost 3,000 olive trees, which vary in age from 10 to 300 years, and of which 500 are the carboncella variety, while the rest comprise in part rosciola, vernina, coccona (a native cultivar), leccino and new picholina varieties.

The green-hued oil from these olives is fruity and mild, retaining the herby aromas of vegetation on Frascati’s volcanic hills. Chemical analysis of the soil reveals lack of organic matter so this is remedied by entrenching pruning residue around the groves and also pasturing sheep there in the winter, reducing work on the land in compliance with EEC protocols for integrated production. The olive yield is about 3,000-3,500kg per hectare. The estate olive press is a continuous cycle Alfa-Laval.

Pressing is performed within 24 hours of harvest and pulp temperatures are kept below 28°C. The winery’s olive groves have a traditional layout, with trees pruned into open conical shapes. There is a declared preference for native varieties.

The extra-virgin olive oil produced is of superior quality and acidity varies from 0.1% to 0.3%, depending on the year.

Technical notes
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